Summer Series


The NCL Summer Series is a set of stand-alone competitions held for fun during the NCL off-season that have no bearing on the NCL 2019 season.

The competitor with the most points at the end of the Summer Series will be dubbed the Shinobi of the Summer 2019, but this competition is for bragging rights and enjoyment only!

The reasons for these events are to encourage new people to compete, help our regular athletes stay sharp over the off-season and allow us to test new rules and tweaks that might be adopted by the league at-large in the future.

As a result, each event will feature different rules – see the general rules and rules for individual events below.

All events will be held at Ninja Academy in 2019, but we hope to run these events in other states next summer!

2019 Schedule

There are three events planned for the summer of 2019:

General Rules

The Summer Series differs from the regular season and qualifiers in the following ways:

The following rules from the regular season remain the same:


Mystery Edition Rules (12/1/2019)

Results available HERE.

Youth Edition Rules (19/1/2019)

The first official Youth event held by the NCL, this event will be held in the Shinobi School space at Ninja Academy – if this competition is successful, it will lead into a national youth competition, so make sure you support it!

Competitors are sorted into three divisions based on age:

Each division will run a different course designed to match the abilities of ninjas at different stages in their physical development, but each will prove a challenge!

The course will be announced in the New Year so youth competitors will be able to train the course ahead of time during Shinobi School hours.

There will be 60 spots available total – book in here as soon as you can to you don’t miss out!

Open Edition Rules (3/2/2019)

• Competitors must be 16+ years of age.

• The course for this competition will be announced the day of the Mystery Edition, so competitors will be able to train ahead of time, just like the regular season.

• All competitors will attempt the same course, whether they were 2018 Finalists or not.



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