Ninja Challenge League Youth Finals 2023

The Ninja Challenge League Youth Finals is the culmination of a season of qualifiers across Australia, bringing together the top youth athletes from across the country to test their skills, develop their abilities, and socialise with fellow ninja enthusiasts.

Competitors who have qualified at an event this season will compete on Wednesday, October 4 and Thursday, October 5 at The Compound Training Bayswater in Melbourne, Victoria.

A rough schedule, spectator tickets and more details will be released closer to the date of competition.

As with the regular season, youth competitors will be split into four different divisions based on year of birth:

KIDS: Born 2015-16

MATURE KIDS: Born 2013-14

PRE-TEENS: Born 2011-12

TEENS: Born 2009-10

A list of confirmed competitors for each division is listed below.

Last updated: 31/5

Kids Finalists

Order Name
1 Amaris Gabrielle
2 Arianna Johnston
3 Audrey Zammit
4 Ava Gard
5 Benny Stewart
6 Callum Nagel
7 Dominic Dows
8 Ella Kemp
9 Ella Skipworth
10 Hendrix Staley-Lobo
11 Hudson Dempsey
12 Hugo Tebbutt
13 Ivy Fearnside
14 Ivy Hobbs
15 Jack Stewart
16 James Carter
17 John Stanton
18 Julian Halsall
19 Kyle Holt
20 Leia Zabarte
21 Milla Ray
22 Nate Spry
23 Oliver Murray
24 Polly Wilson
25 Ronan Pietzsch
26 Ryan Thomson
27 Samuel Cooper
28 Spiros Tsirbas
29 William Abreu

Mature Kids Finalists

Order Name
1 Arran Stewart
2 Benjamin Dows
3 Blake Artis
4 Blake Gullock
5 Chloe Heit
6 Cooper Mitchell
7 Daniel Jolley
8 Darcey Jenkins
9 Dylan Cleary
10 Elias Medhurst
11 Elijah Cook
12 Ellie Joiner
13 Elvis Wicke
14 Emilie Faye
15 Fletcher Madigan
16 Finn Campbell
17 Harry Carter
18 Hunter Hollingsworth
19 Hylas Cooper
20 Jolie Knight
21 Josephine Sheean
22 Joshua Paganini
23 Kip Sabine
24 Lucas Kraskov
25 Maisy Mock
26 Mason Goldsmith-Carter
27 Matilda Vandermeer
28 Max Frisina
29 Micah Hobbs
30 Mitchell Paganini
31 Molly Cassell
32 Ned Hawkett
33 Nicholas Hill
34 Noah Roper
35 Oakley Raven
36 Oliver Nowson
37 Rosie Van Niekerk
38 Savannah McSwain
39 Sebastian Daumann
40 Spencer Rayner
41 Steph Lister
42 Taye Jamieson
43 Tyler Kenny
44 Van White
45 Ziggy Staley-Lobo
46 Zoe Ackerley

Pre-Teens Finalists

Order Name
1 Alison Szulc
2 Amaya Surawski
3 Annabelle Wilson
4 Aurora Hobbs
5 Benjamin Reed
6 Benjamin Zeitz
7 Byron Abreu
8 Casey McLaren
9 Christian Pitot
10 Cody Reed
11 Daemyn Mischefski
12 Dominic Halsall
13 Elsie Osborne
14 Ethan Stone
15 Hannah Markus
16 Isabella Grosser
17 Jack Goodman
18 Jacob Spears
19 Jasper Loch
20 Jayden Jolley
21 John Miller
22 Joshua Thomson
23 Kit Frankeni
24 Lucy Carr
25 Maja Papillo
26 Mason Dempsey
27 Maxim Bull
28 Michael Rockwell
29 Michael Stowell
30 Nico Zandona
31 Noah Spry
32 Oliver Hojrup
33 Oscar Stanley
34 Pollyanna Knight
35 Quinn Thorn
36 Ryan Love
37 Ryder Taylor
38 Sienna Gurkin
39 Sonny Lingard
40 Sophie Rowden
41 Stevie Klein
42 Tara Pietzsch
43 Theo Chambers
44 Winter Boyd Langfield
45 Zac Whitehill-Field
46 Zachary Gurkin
47 Zara Dobie

Teens Finalists

Order Name
1 Abbie Mortimer
2 Ace Eastwood
3 Aidan Osborne
4 Alyssa Mischefski
5 Ashleigh George
6 Ashton Hahesy
7 Ata ul Wahab
8 Elsie Koch
9 Chloe Cheng
10 George Pacor
11 Jai Whitby
12 Kade Jamieson
13 Liam Smit
14 Lily Farley
15 Matthew Ridley
16 Micah Robinson
17 Oli Clapham
18 Ollie Jakovich
19 Peter Davis
20 Sophie Vagg
21 Summer Kelly
22 Taylah Heit

Rules & Format

Competitors must complete each stage within the designated time limit (where applicable), beginning with Stage One to progress to the next stage.

If less than 20 competitors in an age division clear Stage One, then as many non-finishers as needed to reach 20 competitors will advance to Stage Two for unofficial runs, based on furthest-fastest on Stage One.

If less than 5 competitors in an age division clear Stage Two, then as many non-finishers as needed to reach 5 competitors will advance to Stage Three for unofficial runs, based on furthest-fastest on Stage Two.

The course for the Finals stages will be revealed on the morning of the first day of the competition.

Competitors will not be allowed to practice any part of the course unless otherwise specified on the day.

The run order for ALL STAGES will be determined by how many points competitors scored at events throughout the year, with the highest scoring competitors running later in the day.

The top competitors in each age division will win fantastic prizes from our sponsor OZIGRIP.

The top boys and girls in each age division of the NCL Youth Finals 2023 will also qualify to compete in the World Ninja League World Championships in the United States in mid-2024.

For more information about the World Ninja League, visit

If you have any questions about the Ninja Challenge League’s rules or format, contact the Commissioner directly at

*: If a competitor is unable to attend due to a positive COVID-19 result, a full refund will be issued, less the cost of a tee if they have already been printed.

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