2023 NCL Youth Finals Update #1

With the Finals approaching, we are happy to be able to release more details of the schedule for the NCL Youth Finals, spectator tickets and some important dates.

Based on the current number of confirmed competitors and the number we expect to reach at the end of the season, a rough schedule for the NCL Youth Finals will be as follows:


Wednesday, October 4

Morning session:

Lunch Break

Afternoon session:

Thursday, October 5

Morning session:

Lunch Break: Awards for Kids & Mature Kids Division

Afternoon session:

Based on feedback from last year’s event, we have made some changes to the way the competition is structured.

Most notably, we’ll be splitting up the two youngest divisions and the two oldest divisions for stages 2 & 3. This means that if your child qualifies for Stage 3 on Thursday morning, you don’t have to stick around until Thursday afternoon or leave and come back later in the day for the awards presentations for their division.

Details around projected start times for each session will be released once all qualifiers have been held and we have a final number of competitors.


Similarly, spectator tickets for the NCL Youth Finals 2023 will not be available for purchase until the list of competitors has been finalised.

In addition, we’ve streamlined the spectator ticket process, so instead of booking an individual ticket for each stage of each age division, you book a ticket for either the morning or afternoon session on each day and can come and go as you please in those sessions.

As with last year, each Finals competitor will be allowed to spectate the sessions for their age divisions on both days, whether they have made it to that stage or not, as well as being allowed a free ticket for a parent or guardian for the sessions they are competing in.

However, a competitor who is competing in the morning session on a given day will be required to purchase a spectator ticket to attend an afternoon session, and vice versa.

With a bigger venue at The Compound Training Bayswater, we’re able to increase the number of spectator tickets available to at least 200 for each session (not including the athletes themselves), but the space is not unlimited so we do have to charge to help us cover the costs of hiring additional toilet facilities and fencing.

As with last season, the NCL Youth Finals will again be livestreamed, but will be distributed privately for viewing by the parents and supporters of the competitors, instead of the broader public.

After the NCL Youth Finals have been completed, competitors will be given access to a high-quality version of their child’s run/s for personal use as they wish, including sharing on social media.

Select runs may also be shared on official NCL channels after the competition as well.


Thursday, August 31:

Friday, September 1:

Wednesday, September 6:

We will be providing more updates as the season progresses, particularly around access to the facility and parking options, but please reach out if you have questions about anything covered here.

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