Ninja Challenge League Finals 20-21

The biggest ninja sport event in Australia is back in 2021 to cap off the extended 2020-21 season – the Ninja Challenge League Finals 20-21 – and for the first time ever, Finals weekend will include the Australian Ninja Open.

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Held on the weekend of October 2 & 3, 2021, the NCL Finals 20-21 will bring together the best adult and youth ninjas from across Western Australia and South Australia to Ninja Academy Perth to test themselves against the undefeated Ninja Challenge course.

Competitors will take on three stages testing speed, skill and strength with one golden rule – hit the buzzer to advance.

Unlike in our qualifier competitions, the ninjas will not be able to try the course before their official run, so it will be the ultimate test of problem solving and adaptability as they learn from the competitors who run before them to determine the best strategy and adjust on the fly.

All competitors will run Stage One and Two on Saturday, October 2, and those who can successfully complete the course within the time limit will progress to the next stage.

Stage Three will run on Sunday, October 3, with the courses getting harder and the field getting smaller until only the top ninjas remain.

The run order for the Finals has been determined by the official standings and will remain unchanged throughout all stages, with the top competitors running last.

Adult competitors will vie for the following awards:

The top men, women, and youths will also receive prizes from our sponsor OZIGRIP.

After the conclusion of the Finals, on Sunday morning, the top competitors will take part in the inaugural Australian Ninja Open – an exciting team format featuring Australia’s first live Ninja Draft.

The NCL Finals 20-21 and the NCL Youth Finals 20-21 will be held concurrently.

Youth competitors will compete in the following four categories according to year of birth:

The NCL Finals 20-21 & Australian Ninja Open timetable is below:

Saturday, October 2

NCL Finals 20-21

8:30am: Competitor entry

9am: Spectator entry & introduction

9:15am: Stage One begins

1pm: Stage Two begins

Sunday, October 3

8:30am: Competitor entry

9am: Spectator entry

9:15am: Stage Three begins

Australian Ninja Open

11am: Ninja Draft

11:30am: Round Robin Stage

12:30pm: Lunch break

1pm: Knockout Stage

3pm: Championship Stage

4pm: Awards ceremony

Please note, these will be subject to change depending on the number of competitors who clear each stage.

The official run orders are below:

NCL Finals 20-21 Run Order

Order Name
1 Ellie Jones
2 Daniel Ball
3 Chad Aziz
4 Ryder Coleman
5 Jobie Wright
6 Katie Thomas
7 Luke Williams
8 Daniel Watermann
9 Megan Stephens
10 Peter Goodbourn
11 James Bailey
12 Jake Polkinghorne
13 Bowen Wilkinson
14 Steven Manassah
15 Stu Hawkins
16 Tom Garnett
17 Russell Morris
18 Sam Goodall
19 Vanessa Hayles
20 Chris Westerik
21 Colin Chong
22 Nicole Ravi
23 Amos Lam
24 Shaun Petter
25 Blake Geelen
26 Mike Jovanou
27 John Thompson
28 Gav Wilson
29 Michaela Strahan
30 Brendon Nass
31 Mark Ravi
32 Claire Butterfield
33 Jack Anderson
34 Trevor Salter
35 Jeremy Soffe
36 Tex Gallagher
37 Cody Thomas
38 Dave Ravi
39 Matt Bowles
40 Stephen Bateman
41 Chris Keswick
42 Cameron Reading

The NCL Youth Finals schedule is below – please note that these times are fluid and could change slightly depending on the number of youth competitors who clear Stage One.

Saturday, October 2

8:30am: Sign-in & T-shirt collection

9am: Kids Division – Stage One

10:30:  Mature Kids Division РStage One

12:30: Pre-Teens Division – Stage One

2pm: Teens Division – Stage One

Sunday, October 3

9am: Kids and Mature Kids – Stage Two

10:30: Pre-Teens and Teens – Stage Two

1pm: Kids and Mature Kids – Stage Three

2pm: Pre-Teens and Teens – Stage Three

~3pm: Youth awards ceremony

NCL Youth Finals 20-21: Kids Division

Order Name
1 Kip Sabine
2 Kai Williams
3 Felix Webster
4 Blake Artis
5 Jordan Wernicke
6 Gerry Conway
7 Ella Fougere
8 Oscar Hardie
9 Max Wareing
10 Jesinta Acacio
11 Max Gault
12 Otis Habbits
13 Dion Joyce
14 Van White

NCL Youth Finals 20-21: Mature Kids Division

Order Name
1 Marcus van den Berg
2 Ferris Murdey
3 Floyd Webster
4 Layla Underdown
5 Jordy Hart
6 Caitlyn Acacio
7 Joshua Di Felice
8 Jacob Kelly
9 Zara Habbits
10 Harry Mcfarlane
11 Adam Byrne
12 Joshua Mack
13 Lachlan Verheyen
14 Fletcher Manning
15 Benjamin Zeitz
16 Emelie Acacio
17 Evan Hardie
18 Marshall Kranz-Little
19 Noah Habbits
20 Micah Tinsley
21 Catrin Stenner

NCL Youth Finals 20-21: Pre-Teens Division

Order Name
1 Lizzie Mears
2 Harrison Hayes
3 Brayden Kelly
4 Kalani Hart
5 Nathan Byrne
6 Adrian Rochester
7 Millan Jujnovich
8 Zak Mowling
9 Essa Baer
10 Henry Bairstow
11 Gabrielle Manning
12 Summer Regeling
13 Harrison Cooper
14 Nicola Vlahos
15 Kobie Armstrong
16 Jai Whitby
17 Noah Brown
18 Liam Joyce

NCL Youth Finals 20-21: Teens Division

Order Name
1 Charlotte Kemp
2 Caleb Rochester
3 Kirsten Murdey
4 Damien Bondarenko
5 Emily Johnston-Mazur
6 Casper Truong
7 Emma Pugh
8 Beau Milne
9 James Lee
10 Sam Williams
11 Ashlee Bryan
12 Kelsey Bryan
13 Holly Thompson
14 Felix Dunn
15 Josh Zammit
16 Joshua Joyce
17 Kahri Whitby

A full schedule will be released closer to the date.

If you have any questions in the interim, contact the NCL at

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