Ninja Challenge League Finals 2019

The crown jewel of the Australian ninja calendar, the Ninja Challenge League Finals 2019 sponsored by OZIGRIP on November 2 & 3 will pit the best ninjas who qualify in Australia and wildcards from around the globe against the undefeated Ninja Challenge course.

Spectator tickets are now available here.

If you don’t live in Perth, you can still catch all the action of the adult NCL Finals 2019 as it happens through our YouTube livestream – subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when it starts.

This will mark the fifth Finals event on this course and competitors will be required to complete four stages over the course of the weekend to achieve Total Victory.

For the first time ever, the NCL Finals 2019 will also feature a Youth Finals competition with qualifiers from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide which will run alongside the adult finals.

All adult competitors will attempt Stage One on Saturday, November 2 in the order below.

The run order for Stage One of the NCL Finals is below, as determined by the points by competitors throughout the NCL 2019 season, with the highest points earners running later to allow more time to observe and learn from lower-ranked competitors.

Wildcard competitors have been assigned their position at the discretion of the Ninja Challenge League.

Competitors that successfully clear Stage One in the time limit allotted (TBA), will attempt to complete Stage Two and the remaining stages on Sunday, November 3.

The run order for Stage Two and the following stages is determined by the speed of completion of the previous stage. For example, the fastest finisher on Stage One will run last on Stage Two, allowing more time to observe other competitors.

NCL Finals 2019: Stage One Run Order

Order Name
1 Mathew Hutchins-Read
2 Ben Stewart
3 Sam Dehmie
4 Sonja Dominik
5 Rainer Scheu
6 Fred Dorrington
7 Matt Mosca
8 Georgia Smith
9 Judith Carroll
10 Edward Beneke
11 Braden Evans
12 Simon Martin
13 Chantelle True
14 Adam Baker
15 Graham Draper
16 Courtenay Brown
17 Lisa Parkes
18 Tony Karoussis
19 Adam Chadburn
20 Eddie Burrill
21 David Bowd
22 Janelle Zanatta
23 Daniel Burgess
24 Brad McWilliam
25 Andrew Cobb
26 David Lack
27 Matt Filippi
28 Josh McAllan
29 Luke Williams
30 Leonard Hermawan
31 Sarah Blackmore
32 Neven Antic
33 Miriam Gaulton
34 Ivan Toh
35 Donny Byrne
36 Andrew McDonald
37 Graham Payne
38 Morris Esposito
39 Le Hua
40 Michael Mischefski
41 Bryson Klein
42 Natalie Linsdell
43 Kadeem Aarons
44 Troy Helming
45 Cody Thomas
46 Daniel Walker
47 Alex Bigg
48 Jade Haddy
49 Andrew Smith
50 Martin Leeder
51 Summer Wong
52 Andrew Drury
53 Daniel Mason
54 Olivia Vivian
55 Nic Trajkoski
56 Brittany Malloy
57 Brendon Nass
58 Yeung Chung
59 Jack Martin
60 Charlie Robbins
61 Ben Polson
62 Cameron D'Silva
63 Caroline Lee
64 Amos Lam
65 Ashlin Herbert
66 Rob Sandover
67 Michelle Callanan
68 William Yoong
69 Mark Ravi
70 Ben Upton
71 Jeremy McInnes
72 Claire Butterfield
73 Helvin Ahmad
74 Matthew Marazita
75 Celeste Dixon
76 Troy Cullen
77 Johann Hoek
78 Tom Hazell
79 Nelson Thachuk
80 Dave Ravi
81 Mason Barnes
82 Jackie Wong
83 Steve Axis
84 Brad Manning
85 Jim Delderfield
86 Chris Keswick
87 Meiling Huang
88 Shane Elisara
89 Rem Yarrick
90 David Ferraloro
91 Trevor Salter
92 Alvin Tan CK
93 Tash Sergi
94 Ben Davies
95 Rhys Landwehr
96 Steve Gorak
97 Justin Conway
98 Mike Jovanou
99 Daniel Tolli
100 Jake Baker
101 Le Thuc
102 Cameron McLintock
103 Gav Wilson
104 Matt Bowles
105 Mat Redho
106 Zak Stolz

There are no more opportunities to qualify this year, but you can start training for next year at the gyms of our official Affiliate Gyms.

The following prizes will be on offer at the event for the top performers:

The top men and women will also receive prizes from OZIGRIP.

The top men and women at the NCL Finals 2019 will also qualify to compete in the National Ninja League World Championship in the United States in 2020.

NCL Youth Finals 2019

Youth competitors will compete in the following four categories according to year of birth:

Youth competitors will get to test themselves against obstacles they have never tried before and a time limit on multiple stages across two days – just like the adult Finals, they will need to hit the buzzer to advance!

All youth competitors in all age divisions will attempt Stage One on Saturday, November 2.

Those that successfully clear Stage One within the time limit will attempt Stage Two on Sunday morning, with those who successfully clear Stage Two competing in Stage Three on Sunday afternoon.

Competitors will only get one attempt to clear the course, but will be allowed to attempt the remainder of the obstacles on the last stage they attempt.

If no or few competitors clear a given stage in any age division, the top performing non-finishers may be allowed to attempt the subsequent stages as an exhibition run, if time permits.

The field of youth ninjas competing in the NCL Youth Finals 2019 is below.

Kids Division Finalists

Name Location Points
Zachary Gurkin VIC 96
Macy Martin SA 68
Heidi Galos WA 51
Jordy Hart WA 48
Adam Byrne WA 41
Catrin Stenner WA 35
Ollie Bowen WA 34
Annabel Moyle WA 31
Angus Saqib SA 29
Daniel Kotze WA 26
Zara Habbits WA 21
Joshua Whitten WA 18
Noah Habbits WA 18
Keira Chamberlain SA 14
Fletcher Manning WA 12
Jake Manning WA 7
Evan Hardie WA 5
Eamon Halliday SA 3

Mature Kids Finalists

Name Location Points
Liam Joyce WA 99
Henry Moyle WA 77
Tahlia Borg VIC 70
Ravi Martin SA 65
Noah Brown WA 65
Max Dmytrenko VIC 63
Jake Schlieper VIC 57
Liam Stolp WA 57
Millie Baker VIC 54
Edie Heynen SA 53
Zac Fell VIC 51
William Garfi VIC 49
Sam Ponting NSW 48
Cooper Dmytrenko VIC 45
Julian Saccuzzo VIC 44
Hannah Thomson NSW 42
Nicola Vlahos WA 37
Chloe Cheng VIC 36
Andie Torcasio VIC 35
Peter Davis VIC 35
Liam van der Merwe VIC 32
Millan Jujnovich WA 28
Luca Callegari VIC 28
Sarah Carles WA 26
Poppy Finucane WA 23
Sophie Leo SA 18
Nathan Byrne WA 15
Christian Halliday SA 14
Kalani Hart WA 14
Gabrielle Manning WA 13
Darby Beadel VIC 11
Arthur Kennedy WA 10
Jean-Louis van der Merwe VIC 6
Jaxon Edwards WA 4
Stella Chipchase WA 3
Izaac Couzens WA 2
Bree Galos WA 2

Pre-Teens Finalists

Name Location Points
Ashlee Bryan WA 130
Ryno Kotze WA 111
Daniel Saccuzzo VIC 106
Kelsey Bryan WA 85
Joshua Joyce WA 82
Ricky Dowson WA 48
Stevi Sewell VIC 43
Tye Beadel VIC 43
Luke Davis VIC 43
Zoe Harkness VIC 41
Neo Stefano SA 33
Charli Sewell VIC 31
Lilly Hickingbotham SA 26
Jack McDonald WA 16
Christel Kotze WA 14
Sylvia Czajko WA 14
Zoe Green WA 14
Josh Zammit WA 12
Dane Chavaroli VIC 9
Sean Ekaputra WA 9
Ella McGrath WA 8
Zak Milne WA 7
Natalie Carles WA 6
Tanner Brewster WA 5
Holly Thompson WA 3

Teens Finalists

Name Location Points
Beau Milne WA 94
Ash Campbell VIC 80
Taylah Philippidis VIC 69
David Endlich SA 48
John Thompson WA 46
Saxon Johnstone NSW 46
Sienna Borg VIC 43
Tex Gallagher WA 39
Jaimee Yates WA 37
Asher Beard WA 27
Chad Aziz WA 26
Bailey Dartnell WA 18
Joel Brooker WA 4
Zachary Bryan WA 3

Youth finalists will vie for the title of Last Youth Standing, Last Boy Standing and Last Girl Standing, which will be awarded to the top overall, male, and female performers in each division.

If any competitor clears all stages they will achieve Total Victory and be named Grand Champion of their age division – but don’t set the expectation too high, no adult has been able to do so in four years!

In addition, the top performing boys and girls in each division will qualify for the NNL World Championships, which will be held in Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States on February 21-23, 2020.

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