2023 NCL Youth Finals Update #2

Youth Finals are just over a month away, which means that the final deadline to sign up is only hours away, and we can share some more information about the event.

Updated schedule

With a better idea of the final number of competitors, we have published an updated schedule on the Youth Finals page of our website, which has the projected start and end times for all divisions.

We will do our best to meet this schedule, but sometimes we get caught off guard, so please bear with us if we are running slightly behind.

Check out the new schedule here:

Spectator tickets release

We have created events in Eventbrite for spectator tickets for the NCL Youth Finals. As you can see in the updated schedule, we have separated the two days of the competition into morning sessions and afternoon sessions.

The Kids & Mature Kids divisions will compete in the morning sessions, while the Pre-Teens & Teens will compete in the afternoon sessions.

In a change from last year, youth competitors will be free to spectate any session their age group is involved in without needing to purchase a spectator ticket, even if they have been eliminated from the competition.

For example, a Kids Finalist is free to attend the morning session on Thursday, even if they do not progress to Stage 2. However, if a Kids Finalist and their parent/guardian (see below) wanted to spectate the afternoon session, they would need to purchase a spectator ticket for each session they wanted to attend.

Each youth finalist is also assigned a free parent/guardian spectator ticket for each session involving their age group, which can be accessed using a promotional code we will provide via email.

Please make sure you only claim one free ticket for each youth finalist in a given age group. If anyone claims more than one free ticket per session for each youth finalist competing, they will be barred from spectating the event and the youth finalist may be banned from competing at future competitions.

However, if you have two children competing in the same session (i.e. a Kids Finalist and a Mature Kids Finalist), you are welcome to claim a ticket for each of them.

Free parent/guardian spectator tickets for all sessions will go on sale on September 1, while general spectator entry will go on sale on September 8.

If a parent/guardian hasn’t reserved their free ticket before September 8, the NCL will not be responsible if the event reaches capacity after this date and you are unable to secure a spectator ticket.

While we have taken steps to increase the capacity of the venue, we still need to ensure that the supporters of competitors in each age group get priority access to spectator tickets.

The events are live now, but tickets for each will go on sale first thing Friday morning. The access code, along with instructions on how to reveal the hidden ticket will be emailed to you today, so be sure to check your email!

The event pages also have some FAQs that you may find helpful.

Wednesday, October 4

Thursday, October 5


To accommodate more spectators and portable toilets, The Compound Training’s allocated on-site parking will be fenced off as an overflow spectator area, so there will be NO ON-SITE PARKING directly outside the venue.

No spectators or competitors are allowed to park in the business park, as the neighbouring businesses will be operating and require those parking bays for their customers.

The map below shows three sites where parking is available:

The Service Road on Dorset Road is the closest walk and will have the least impact on surrounding businesses.

Allow at least 10 minutes to walk from the parking areas to the event.

Competitor profiles and livestream access

We are happy to confirm that we’ll be livestreaming this year’s Youth Finals and making it available privately for competitors and their supporters.

As part of this process, we’ll have some of our adult ninja legends like Kadeem “The Dream” Aarons providing live commentary of the runs of each competitor.

The key to good commentating is weaving in details about the competitor during their run, but with a staggering 220+ competitors, I don’t have capacity to research and compile all these notes myself, so we need your help!

So what can you do? You can go into your child’s account on our website and add some key details about them in the profile description field on their profile that we can export and distribute to the commentators.

Here are some examples of the sorts of details we’re looking for:

  1. How long have they been doing ninja?
  2. Why do they love ninja?
  3. What is their home gym?
  4. What’s their favourite type of obstacle?
  5. Do they play any other sports?
  6. How have they trained for Finals?
  7. If they have competed at the NCL Finals or at the World Ninja League World Championships before, what was their best result?
  8. Any other interesting facts you think are relevant?

Please be sure to update these profiles before midnight on Tuesday, September 19. If you require assistance accessing your child’s profile, please don’t hesitate to ask.

As with last year, the Youth Finals livestream will not be publicly accessible, due to ethical concerns we have around the public livestreaming of youth sports based on the potential for bullying if a competitor has an unfortunate moment on the course.

As such, we will be livestreaming on an unlisted link on our YouTube channel which will be distributed to parents of competitors only rather than the wider public. If you choose to pass this link on, please do so privately and not on a public page.

After the competition is over, we will be editing the runs of competitors and making them available to parents to upload on their own accounts afterwards.

If your child does have an amazing moment and achieves Total Victory, as was the case with Casey McLaren in 2022, please allow the NCL a chance to share it on our page before posting it yourself.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All the best,

Mark Ravi
NCL Commissioner

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