2024 World Ninja League Championship update

Big news for Australia’s top ninjas at the NCL Finals 2023 – the number of eligible competitors for the World Ninja League Championships in 2024 has increased!

After discussions with the World Ninja League, the NCL was able to secure additional qualifying spots so the top male and female competitors overall in each division would be joined by the top male and female competitors from each state in each division.

As the only qualifying event in Australia for 2023, we wanted to make sure that Australia’s diversity of talent was well-represented on the biggest stage in ninja.

The formula to calculate who qualified is similar to what we use to qualify for the NCL Finals, where the number of spots is based on the number of eligible competitors in each division. So allow us to explain it before we reveal the list of qualified athletes.

In each division overall and in from each state in each division:

As a result of this change, we have a staggering 116 competitors across 14 divisions qualified for the World Ninja League Championships in 2024.

Please note: only OFFICIAL RUNS were used to calculate eligibility for the WNL. Unofficial runs, being unofficial, have no official bearing on overall standing or eligibility for the WNL or other events. This means that if you didn’t officially clear Stage 1, your unofficial Stage 2 run will not be relevant.

We can’t reveal more now, but some exciting format changes are coming to the WNL Championships that will make it an event not to be missed!

If your name appears on the list below, expect to receive an invitation from the World Ninja League soon:

Kids Female                                                                                      

Kids Male

Mature Kids Female

Mature Kids Male

Pre-Teens Female

Pre-Teens Male

Teens Female

Teens Male

Young Adult Female

Young Adult Male

Adult Female

Adult Male

Masters Female

Masters Male

Thanks for your patience while we sorted through these results – we’ll be creating an official Facebook group for all WNL qualified athletes for 2024 to discuss travel plans, share information and receive further updates.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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