Australian Ninja Open Format Reveal + Ticket Launch

Big news! After crunching some numbers, we’re able to reveal the full format for the massively expanded Australian Ninja Open taking place alongside the NCL Finals 2024 at Geelong Ninjas in October.

We don’t detail it all here, because we’ve got a whole page of the website with all the details you could want for that, but we’ll answer some questions you might have below.

What format will it be in?

The entire team portion will be using the same high-octane relay format that we used at the 2023 Australian Ninja Open.

How many rounds will there be?

There will be a minimum of two pool rounds for each team, followed by a four rounds of team vs team elimination matches.

Who can enter?

Any 2024 NCL member born in 2011 or older (Teens Division and older).

How many spots will be available?

We’ve set the cap at 150 total spots across the NCL Finals and Australian Ninja Open.

How many spots are available right now?

We have only opened up 25 spots in the first wave, which are restricted to competitors in the Teens Division.

Do I automatically get through to the Australian Ninja Open with my ticket?

No, you’ll get a chance to earn a spot in the Ninja Draft by taking on Stage One of the Ninja Challenge League Finals – whether you’re a Finalist or not.

Then how many people get through from Stage One and how many teams will there be?

A massive 90 competitors! That includes team captains and four team members for a massive 18 teams!

How will the captains be chosen?

Last year, we made the top-performing Young Adults from Stage One captains as it was the first year they were included as a separate division. This year, we’re making the top-performing Masters Division athletes from Stage One the team captains.

What happens if there aren’t enough Masters Division competitors for each team to have a captain?

Any shortfall in Masters Division athletes will be filled by the best performing competitor born in 1985 until all gaps are filled, and then in 1986, and so on.

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