New member of the NCL family on the way

For the past eight years, the Ninja Challenge League has been my baby. I couldn’t be prouder of what the NCL has become in this time. I’ve poured hours and hours into helping it grow, adapt and thrive – juggling full-time work and my own training to do so. In many ways, the NCL has been my top priority for almost a decade.

This November, that is going to change. Summer and I are happy to announce that the NCL family will grow by one, when we welcome our son into the world.

This is something we’ve wanted for a long time, and we’re already looking forward to the day that our baby ninja steps up to the starting line for his first NCL competition (if that’s what he chooses to do!)

While we couldn’t be more excited, it will result in some changes to the NCL as we navigate this next stage in our lives.

In the coming months we’ll be asking for input from the ninja community to help shape the path forward for the league.

With your help, we’re confident that we can create a system where both the NCL – and our actual baby – can thrive well into the future.

Until then, we remain focused on delivering an amazing end to the 2024 season, so be sure to make the most of the opportunity to prove your moves at this year’s Finals events and the Australian Ninja Open.

All the best,

Mark Ravi
NCL Commissioner

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